Information of our website renewal (1)

Hello, This is ESTEBEBE.
Our new website is going to be open soon. :)

There is information will be updated with the new website design.

1. reorganization of the service and raise of the service fee
- Former premium service and superior service will terminate indefinitely
- Nonstop service fee will be raised
- With additional make-up fee, you can choose your own artist.
- More specific information will be updated soon.

2. We are introducing new artists.
- Artists are parted by main artist, senior artist and junior artist.
- Former artist Suna has opened her own website.
- We are introducing a new artist, Yui.
  Please support our new artist Yui who completed the artist training course in ESTEBEBE
  After releasing her portfolio, Yui will work officially as an artist.

3. We will show new works for the portfolio after the renewal.

For the new year, we will try more to get closer to our dear costumers.

We promise you better service and various styles. :)

If you have any question, please send a mail to

Thank you very much for visiting our website, and wish all the best for the new year.


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