★ Non-stop service fee raise and the schedule for resumption of order ★

Hello :)

Here is the specific information for service fee raise which was noticed last February.

< Change of the artist levels  >

Main artist - Louis
Senior artist - Ran
Junior artist - Yui (New)

< Non-stop service fee raise >

SD size : $ 145
MSD, USD size : $ 125
PF size  : $ 70

* Instead of former premier and superior service,
  you can choose an artist over senior artist level with extra fee for non-stop service.

< Extra fee for selecting an artist >

Main artist Louis - extra 30$ for each size.
Senior artist Ran - extra  10$ for each size.
Junior artist Yui - no extra fee

* If you order with basic service fee, artist will be selected randomly.
* If you upload image files, please don't use zip file and pdf, and put file names with alphabets or numbers.
* If you want to see pictures of the result, please let us know via the order form.
We have many works, so we can only send pictures which are asked via order, by e-mail.
* Pictures of finished make-up for off-line orders will be uploaded on our website in 1 month after the shipment.

<  Order form change >

◎  name of the customer (real name)
◎ E-mail :
◎ Address :
◎ Zip code :
◎ Tel :
◎ Information of the head (company/size/type) :
◎ Colour of wigs which the owner usually use (Colours of eyelash and eyebrow will refer to coulors of wigs)
◎ gender :male/female

*  expecting image

< information for resumption of order >

Resumption of order on english website will be around the end of April to the beginning of May.
We will inform you via notice as soon as we resume order.
Please wait a little bit!

We are greatly thankful for your support, and we promise you for the better service.

Thank you. :)

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