Sincerely touch your doll

ESTEBEBE(에스테베베)는 인형 전문 메이크업 샵입니다.

인형 메이크업은 사람의 것과 달리
아주 작은 붓과 물감으로 섬세한 작업을 통해 인형의 표정과 전체 분위기를 만들게 됩니다.

에스테베베는 여러분이 꿈꾸는 인형을 완성시키는 소중한 작업에 정성을 다하겠습니다.



ESTEBEBE is a doll makeup shop specializing on ball jointed dolls.
Unlike the makeup of people, makeup of a doll consists of drawing in the expressions and the whole face of the doll,
greatly influencing the general atmosphere of a doll.
ESTEBEBE makes sure your doll is finished with a lovely touch.




Louis (a.k.a BebeLouis)


Main Designer at JerryBerry since 2011

Works at ESTEBEBE since 2009

Works at Blue Fairy 2007-2008




현재 업체 메이크업을 하지 않습니다. (2018년 3월 기준) (제리베리 제외)
Currently, we don't do makeup for companies except JERRYBERRYS (2018.03 updated)



+ ESTEBEBE Design +

2005 Blue Fairy : PF Shop4Doll Exclusive : The Little Blue Fairy

2006 Blue Fairy : TF Walking with November : May & Olive

2009 Blue Fairy : PF Special All Types

2009 Slinkey Neko : Haru, Borry , Half Open Eyed Borry

2009 Dreming Doll : Haji, Sleeping Haji, Bess, Mamie, Bobo, Kelly, Sally

2009 Olleaf : Cinderella Mouse Mimi , Cinderella Mouse Chichi

2009 Felix : Brownie New Ver.

2009 nDoll : Luna & Louis ( Natural Ver. )

2009 Leeke World : Honey, Sweet, Tiny, Oatmeal, S.Pumpkin, Dodo


2010 Dreaming Doll : My Fair Lady Molly , Eva, Mae, Hiphop Girl Mai, 1st LTD. Khan,

2010 Leeke World : Anna, Sora, Arien, Alvin, Ange, Judy, Florence,

                Lana, Leina, Chan, Bebe, Happy, Bonbon, Bambi, Candy, Ching, Dream,

                Sleeping Noella, Noella, Angela, Carey, Soda-Girl, Soda-Boy, Lani

                Bono, Corgi, Myu, Cheong, Hong, IL, IL Vampire, TAE, TAE Vampire

2010 Slinkey Neko : Boy_Haroo, Boy_Borry, Half Open Eyed Haroo, Beenoo

                Wandoo, The Last LTD. 60 Boy

2010 Glib : Apple Doll_Bunny Valentine, Marine Look (Cool Ver.),

                Pink Vanilla, My Little Boy E-type, My Little Girl C-type

                School Look lll Boy [BM], School Look lll Boy [F],

                School Look lll Girl [G], School Look lll Girl [C],

                Lolli Kitty Boy, Lolli Kitty Girl, Olivia, Lovely Spy

2010 Brownie : Milky Brownie, Suger Brownie, Shepherd Girl Brownie, Shepherd Boy Brownie

                Brownie Rasberry , Brownie Greenberry, Marine Boy Haha, Picnic Girl Gogo,

2010 Raurencio : Maya, Azrail, Serena, Ray, Stella, Solenn, Edan

2010 AnotherSpace2 : Titch RD, Titch YL, Jupiter, Mars, 40cm

2010 Estella Doll : Follow Me Alice, etc

2010 Ajumapama : Erica, Vivian, Ashley, Amy, Melina, Eugene

2010 Laksumi Doll : M.I.O

2010 Sseiren : Anna, Lisa, Chloe


+ Product +


2004-2009 Blue Fairy メイクアップ (Designed by Xia'o)

2007 iple house - N .Cocori - Western look ver

2009 Blue Fairy Limited Dear Deer (Designed by Xia'o)

2010 Blue Fairy Limited Peach Babies (Designed by Xia'o)

2010 Blue Fairy Limited Girl's Secret (Designed by Xia'o)

2010 Sora Iro Limited Chocolate (Designed by Xia'o)

2010 Blue Fairy Limited PF Song of Song (Designed by Xia'o)

2010 Blue Fairy Limited Von Voyage (Designed by Xia'o)

2010 Blue Fairy Limited Something Special (Designed by Xia'o)

2010 Sora Iro Limited Yukata (Designed by Xia'o)

2010 Blue Fairy Limited Case No.1TH083 (Designed by Xia'o)


+ History +

2010.7.25 ESTEBEBE participates at 29th Japan I.Doll
2010.2.14 ESTEBEBE participates at 28th Japan I.Doll
2009.11.1 ESTEBEBE participates at 26th Japan Doll Show
2009.10.25 ESTEBEBE participates at 35th Seoul Doll Flea Market
2009.8.30 ESTEBEBE participates at 34th Seoul Doll Flea Market
2009.07.27 ESTEBEBE is founded


+ List of former artists +

Yui 2011 ~ 2015



Suna 2009 ~ 2011  


Ran 2009 ~2014